Mention two basic function of an expansion slot

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M.2 is a slot that can interface with SATA 3.0 (the cable that’s probably connected to your desktop PC’s storage drive right now), PCI Express 3.0 (the default interface for graphics cards and other major expansion devices), and even USB 3.0.

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1) Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard ... basic input output startup c) boot initial operating startup d) basic input ... 11 What are the four key functions of a computer system? a) input, processing, output, and storage b) keyboard, display, memory, and disk drive c) word ... Which of the following is NOT a type of motherboard expansion slot? ISA PCI AGP ATX Question 29: Which IRQ ... Components of Computer Hardware Flashcards | Quizlet

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What are the ports on the motherboard and their functions Feb 21, 2018 · Another type of port is the Expansion slot. There are two types, PCI Express (black) and PCI (white). They can hold expansion cards such as graphics cards, network cards and sound cards. Ports and Slots in Laptops | Tech Explainer Mar 21, 2012 · Ports and Slots in Laptops There are numerous types of connectivity ports from the most basic USB till the latest Express card slot. So, let’s begin to explore all of them without further ado. ... ExpressCard slot is the largest Expansion slot on the body of your laptop. Devices might be plugged into the body of laptops via this slot.